Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Restoration of Water Damaged Dental Office in Mill Creek

Water can move quickly through a building, and that was the case in this two-story Mill Creek building. The sprinkler head in the hallway environmental control ... READ MORE

Commercial Water Loss in Mill Creek

This Mill Creek business building experienced flooding early in the morning. The source of the water was a malfunctioning sprinkler head in the hallway environm... READ MORE

Dental Office Impacted by Water Damage in Mill Creek

Flooding on the second story of this Mill Creek building impacted several businesses throughout the building. Extensive water damage occurred in this dental off... READ MORE

Water Damage in Mill Creek Dental Office

The sprinkler head in the hallway environmental control closet malfunctioned in the early morning hours in this Mill Creek business. Gallons of water flooded th... READ MORE

Water Loss in Monroe, Washington

This Monroe family's residence suffered a water loss that affected the carpet, pad, and subflooring in their hallway. A toilet in the second floor bathroom leak... READ MORE

Flooded Kitchen in Granite Falls, WA

A leak in the kitchen of this Granite Falls home lead to water damage throughout several floors of the structure. SERVPRO of North Everett/ Lake Stevens/ Monroe... READ MORE

Flood Cutting after Water Damage

Water can move fast through your home and create a mess. This home experienced a water loss that soaked up into the walls. If left alone, water can soak up into... READ MORE

Family Comes Home to Flooded Kitchen after Vacation

After a week long vacation, this family came home to a flooded kitchen. A leak under the sink covered the floor with water. SERVPRO of North Everett/ Lake Steve... READ MORE