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Challenge Yourself with a Half Marathon or 10K Race in Everett.

1/18/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO employees pose for a photo. Water damage is no easy or DIY task. SERVPRO has the technicians and latest equipment for any size disaster.

Participate in Everett’s 2021 Half Marathon & 10K Race Event.

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to exercise more and get into better shape?  Well, then, the Snohomish Running Company in Everett has just the activity for you.  The company is hosting its half marathon & 10K race event on Sunday, March 28th, from 6:30 AM to 12 PM.  The race, which begins and ends in Everett’s Marina Park, follows a scenic route via SR-529 to Marysville.  Along the way, participants can enjoy vistas of the local shoreline, the Snohomish River, and the natural areas through which historic SR-529 passes.  When planning your participation in the activity, remember the following information:

Register online at the event’s website up until Wednesday, March 24th; in-person, day of race registration is available only if the race has not sold out.   

Event registration fee:  Half Marathon - $50; 10K - $40; military members receive a $5 discount

The registration fee also pays for doughnuts and pizza, a full zip hooded sweatshirt, and a finisher medal.  

SERVPRO of North Everett/Lake Stevens/Monroe, your local water mitigation experts, proudly announces this challenging race.  We also remind you to call us at (360) 243-8313 whenever you need help overcoming water-related issues.

The Catastrophic Fires of Everett.

1/12/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle outside job site. Fire restoration is no easy task. Leave it to the professionals at SERVPRO. Their certified technicians, and the latest technology and equipment.

Severe Blazes Have Significantly Impacted Everett on More Than One Occasion.

Although Everett is a relatively new city, having been established only in 1890, it has experienced more than a few severe fires. These blazes have mostly impacted industrial sites since the area has largely been dedicated to industry but has also destroyed numerous commercial establishments and at least one large residential development. The first of Everett’s major fires was the Great Courthouse Fire of 1909, which was so catastrophic that it actually threatened the city’s survival. After this event, and into the present day, the community has suffered a long series of industrial and commercial fires. The city’s most recent significant fire-related incident, the apartment complex blaze near the marina on July 16th, 2020, could prove to be one of its worst.

Snohomish County Courthouse Fire of 1909

The Snohomish County Courthouse Fire of 1909 is certainly one of Everett’s most infamous calamities. It started on August 2nd in a downtown blacksmith shop and quickly spread to the nearby courthouse. Windblown embers from the inferno started various fires around the city, while arsonists ignited others. In the disaster’s wake, a total of twelve buildings had been destroyed, and several other structures had been damaged. The most significant destroyed buildings included:

  • The Snohomish County Courthouse

  • Buildings of the Everett Livery and Transfer Company

  • Iles and Newman Carriage Works

  • J.K. Healy Blacksmith Shop

  • The Northern Transfer Company

As you can imagine, these losses devastated the fledgling city’s downtown governmental and commercial center.

The Lasting Effects of the 1909 Fire

The true significance of the 1909 fire was that it struck at the heart of the newly established mill town, highlighted its vulnerabilities, and evoked lasting fear in the minds of its business owners and residents. The panic generated by the disaster largely resulted from how:

Quickly the fire spread through the town’s mostly wooden structures.
Ineffectively the local fire department fought the blaze due to its lack of water and manpower.
Severely the event affected the governmental and commercial heart of the city, nearly destroying the county’s records and eradicating the community’s business district.
Insurance companies refused to cover about half of the overall damages incurred by business owners and other residents.

In response to these concerns, Everett’s fire department was given more funding, which allowed it to hire more men and buy better equipment. Also, local builders and business owners became more mindful of the potential dangers of wooden construction and began incorporating other materials into their structures.

A Long Series of Industrial and Commercial Blazes

After the catastrophe of 1909, as the community rapidly expanded into a thriving industrial city, fires became a relatively regular occurrence at the local mills. The community’s newspaper, the Everett Herald, even suffered one in the ensuing years. Some of the more notable of these fires were the:

Jamison Lumber and Shingle Company fires of 1928 and 1967
Clough-Hartley Shingle Mill Blaze of 1937
Everett Herald Fire of 1956
Hulbert Mill Fire of 1956
Pilchuck Lumber and Shingle Company Fire of 1967

Of these mill blazes, the Hulbert Mill Fire of 1956 was particularly severe. It caused approximately $500,000 worth of damage to the company’s property, buckled nearby railroad tracks, threatened homes and businesses on Grand Avenue, and took four hours to extinguish.

The Notorious Tire Fire of 1984

One of the more unusual disasters to befall Everett was the Tire Fire of 1984, which started on September 24th of that year and continued burning until May of 1985. It occurred at a used tire collection site, located over an old capped municipal landfill, and involved the burning of a mound of approximately four million tires. The suspected arson produced a billowing black mushroom cloud of smoke filled with waste zinc, methane gas, and other toxins. At the same time, built up gases in the flaming mound shot fiery tires hundreds of feet into the air. Eventually, the cloud blotted out the sun across the city, rained down harmful black soot onto businesses, homes, and sidewalks, and caused area residents to experience negative health effects.

More Recent Fire-Related Events

In recent years, stores and residential areas have more often been the sites of fires in Everett. Two noteworthy blazes of the past few years are the Judd & Black Appliance incident in 2018 and a large apartment complex fire that demolished a large apartment complex down by the marina in 2020. Both resulted in total losses, but the latter event caused nearly $30 million in damages.

As you can easily understand, fire is a serious threat to your Everett area business. However, rest assured that if you ever need assistance remediating fire damage, SERVPRO of North Everett/Lake Stevens/Monroe is always here to help. Call us anytime at (360) 243-8313.

How Do We Clean Up Your Fire Damage?

When handling your fire damage cleanup and restoration job, SERVPRO employs all of the latest industry training, techniques, and equipment to do it right the first time. Once our highly-skilled technicians are onsite, they effectively remediate your business by:

Forcing smoke-filled air from your home with state-of-the-art air movers and high-velocity box fans
Extracting smoke particles from interior surfaces and air with cutting edge air scrubbers
Using HVAC cleaning systems to remove soot residues from and sanitize ventilation networks
Employing Vaportek systems and ozone generators to neutralize odorous airborne particles
Cleaning acidic residues off affected surfaces with wet, dry, or abrasive methods
Treating upholstery and carpeting with deodorant injection devices
Using cutting edge foggers to deodorize impacted spaces and materials

Once all of these measures have been taken, your home and its contents are often back to their pre-fire condition.

With all that said, if you ever experience a fire-related incident and need fire damage remediation, SERVPRO of North Everett/Lake Stevens/Monroe is always here and ready to help. If contacted soon enough, we can often successfully clean up and restore even the worst fire-related issues. So, whenever you need us, call (360) 243-8313.

Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Everett with a Virtual Concert

12/21/2020 (Permalink)

nitewave live stream info Start the New Year with a fire-damaged home in Everett cleaned up by SERVPRO while you enjoy the virtual concert

Nectar Lounge Invites all of Everett to Join their NYE Event for a Fun and Safe Way to Ring in the New Year!

Whether you live in Everett or a nearby town, you may be making plans to celebrate the arrival of 2021.  In such an odd year, a big party with your friends may be questionable, but the idea of it being like any other day is also discouraging. In Seattle, Nectar Lounge invites attendees 21 and over to join NITE WAVE, a virtual 80s live stream concert you can join starting December 31st at 10:00 p.m. You can celebrate with a crowd and good music from the safety of your own home!

  • The theme of the party is the 80s!
  • You must reserve your tickets online to attend
  • There is no charge to join, but contributions are encouraged.
  • You may contribute via Venmo or PayPal and are invited to subscribe to Nectar’s YouTube Channel.
  • This event is part of the Nectar Virtual Concert Series, and contributions help Nectar musicians during this challenging year.

At SERVPRO, we are also committed to our community by providing the best fire cleanup services in the area. As we ring in a new year, we stand at your service whenever restoration services are in order. SERVPRO of North Everett/ Lake Stevens/ Monroe is a phone call away. Call us at (360) 243-8313 whenever you need us and let us focus on leaving your home, “Like it never even happened.”

Lake Stevens Families are Invited for Some Holiday Fun

12/14/2020 (Permalink)

Happy Holidays Signage Lake Stevens House caught fire? No worries, SERVPRO can clean up the damage, "Like it never even happened," while you enjoy the Holiday Light Show

Enjoy a Festival of Lights Just a Few Miles from Lake Stevens

Lake Stevens children and their parents are eagerly awaiting the holiday season and taking part in celebrations. Now that gathering in large groups may prove challenging; we need to think of other ways to keep the holiday spirit alive. Not too far from Lake Stevens, in Stanwood, you can enjoy a drive-thru experience to celebrate. “The Lights of Christmas 2020” will take place on selected dates throughout December, making it an easy to plan adventurous outing.

You can purchase your admission online by visiting the event website; no onsite admission is available.

  • Drive-thru hours are from 5:00-10:00 p.m. and takes about 20 minutes.
  • More than one million lights and accompanying music through LOC Radio 101.9 will provide entertainment to the whole family.
  • If you go before December 23rd, you’ll catch a glimpse of Santa before he heads to the North Pole.
  • Santa and lights are an essential part of this time of year, and at SERVPRO, we celebrate their arrival. 

Just as we wish you the best now and for the new year, we hope you never need our fire and smoke restoration services. But, if you do, we are here to help and mitigate your loss after an incident. 

SERVPRO of North Everett/Lake Stevens/Monroe is at your service. Call us at (360) 243-8313 and let our expert staff work for you until your home looks “Like it never even happened.”

Everett Showcases the Beauty of the Seattle Metropolitan Area

12/7/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO truck parked in puddle Our SERVPRO crew arrives to mitigate water damage from Everett properties, both residential and commercial.

Arts and Culture, Nature and Industry in Everett Make it a Great Place to Live.

Just a few miles from Seattle, Everett is among the main cities in the greater metropolitan area. 

It is the seat for Snohomish county and the seventh-largest city in Washington State by population. Most of it lies on the Port Gardner Peninsula, which was historically under the Snohomish people's purview. Compared to other areas of the country, the city is relatively young, as it wasn’t formally settled until the 1890s when plans to develop a town were conceived. Before that, loggers had settled down near the mouth of the Snohomish River with no clear plan.

Much more about Everett

Everett owes its name to Everett Colby, whose father, Charles L. Colby, was a significant investor. The city’s buildout came from a group of investors on the East Coast coming together to develop an industrial area. Once the Great Northern Railway arrived, the city was incorporated in 1893. The Great Northern Railway allowed easy transport from St. Paul, Minnesota, to Seattle, and it was the northernmost transcontinental route at the time. At the time, sawmills and lumber were among the top industries for the city.

In the 1910s, the young city experienced civil unrest, and in 1916 the Everett Massacre took place. Also known as Bloody Sunday, local authorities and members of the Industrial Workers of the World Union (IWW) engaged in armed conflict on November 5, 1916. It is said that the root of the conflict is in the economic depression being felt in the city and the rising tension between workers and business owners.

Organized protests and demonstrations had been met with resistance from local law enforcement, and the IWW had organized to support shingle workers in Everett. Upon arrival, business owners hired men to beat the protesters and make them leave town. The Seattle IWW got involved in the conflict to show support for fellow laborers. The confrontation erupted in gunfire, and more than a dozen people were reported dead, with many more injured.

Transporation Transformation with Highways and Railroads

In the years that followed, a transformation happened in Everett due partially to the highways and railroad routes that catapulted it as a commercial hub. In 1936 an airport opened in Paine Field, and the end of World War II welcomed the construction of Boeing’s assembly plant in 1967. The Boeing Everett Factory includes the largest building globally in terms of volume and serves as a factory for new airliners and ancillary programs. Today, the factory welcomes more than 150,000 visitors in a typical year and employs more than 30,000 employees. The facility houses its own fire department, coffee shops, daycare center, among others.

Thanks to Boeing’s contribution to the local economy, Everett remains the major employment hub for Snohomish County. It has also become a dormitory community for nearby Seattle, making it easy for commuters to travel back and forth. The Interstate 5, the Sounder commuter train, and commuter buses all run at convenient times and intervals. Growth in retail space, residential neighborhoods, and commercial real estate has been deliberate and inclusive of private and public funding. Providence Regional Medical Center, established in 1994 following the merger of two Everett hospitals, was the first health center to identify a case of coronavirus in the U.S.

In 1983 the Strategic Homeport initiative identified Everett as a possible site for a naval station. The following year, conflict arose between those who approved of the station's construction and those who opposed the project. When voters expressed their approval, Congress procured the funding. In 1994 the project was completed, and a dedication ceremony celebrated the start of operations at the Naval Station Everett.

Arts and Culture in Everett

Everett celebrates diversity now more than ever, and its arts scene exemplifies this town value. Some of the places where art and culture come together for your enjoyment include-

  • Everett Art Walk- The third Thursday of each month from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m., this free event downtown invites residents and visitors to explore what the artistic community has to offer. Just park your car and walk from venue to venue for a lovely evening out.
  • Schack Art Center- this visual art center is free to the public and exhibits works by known artists and emerging talent. During your visit, you may be able to see a professional glassblower or other artists working on their crafts. Whether you like to draw, paint or work with glass, you are sure to enjoy your visit. The Schack Art Center is ideal for a family visit and budding artists.
  • Historic Everett Theatre- Although its show schedule is somewhat fluid in 2020, it provides opportunities for artists to explore, educate and promote the arts and entertainment in the Everett community. Due to occupancy restrictions, the Theatre is offering mainly virtual presentations at this time.

Protecting Your Everett Home

Just as the town has grown in an organized fashion through careful planning and consideration, so does SERVPRO tackle water restoration issues in Everett. Our team is ready to help whenever homes are victims or vulnerable to weather-related water events or mundane home accidents. Our training with industry experts prepares us for the most challenging situations, and we are just a phone call away.

Water restoration services are best performed by a competent team such as ours. Failure to extract water and dry thoroughly can have unpleasant consequences, such as mold growth. To avoid undesirable effects, let us bring our state-of-the-art equipment to identify problem spots and restore your home to mint condition. Whether you need a submersible pump, a wand extractor, or drying mats, we have access to the latest equipment in the industry.

SERVPRO of North Everett/Lake Stevens/Monroe is a leader in its field. Our knowledge and expertise are evident in every step we take, starting the minute you call our 24/7 hotline at (360) 243-8313. As we walk through your home, we focus on mitigating your loss and strive to leave it, looking “Like it never even happened.”

Show Your Support for Medical Research and Advancements for Lake Stevens

11/30/2020 (Permalink)

van in front of building We look forward to seeing you at The Festival of Trees Celebration!

The Festival of Trees Celebration Held in the Lake Stevens Area Features Several Fundraising Events Designed to Help the Providence Medical Group.

Much like the resounding successes of last year’s Festival of Trees celebration near Lake Stevens and Tulalip, the week of events was able to generate a staggering 1.3 million dollars – including 580,000.00 just for pediatric behavioral health. This year, the festivities begin the same way with a silent auction and other opening night events held in the Tulalip Casino.

Opening night for the 2020 run of the Festival of Trees for Providence General is December 1st. A series of events will follow, including other auctions, presentations, family-oriented demonstrations, and other fundraising activities. Securing your seat on the opening night is just the start of the great help individuals can be to fundraising goals for the medical group.

From the Providence General medical facilities to your small shop on the main strip, our SERVPRO of North Everett / Lake Stevens / Monroe team can help with efficient and thorough fire cleanup for Lake Stevens businesses when you call (360) 243-8313.

Show Your Support for Everett Small Businesses This Weekend

11/23/2020 (Permalink)

Everett, WA skyline We look forward to showing our support for Everett Small Businesses!

After the Bustle of Mainly Online Black Friday Shopping, You Have the Opportunity to Partake in a Vital Small Business Saturday here in Everett.

More than ever before, small businesses are trying to stay afloat in the country's pandemic landscape, and events like Small Business Saturday can help keep these businesses in the black. In the Vertical Gardens Northwest, representatives from the Everett Makers Market will conduct an outdoor pop up to promote their wares and products.

If you have not seen many of the retailers and craftworkers of the Everett Makers Market, you can help to support these trades and small businesses with price specials and unique offerings you will not find anywhere else. The pop up will occur on Saturday, November 28th, 2020, at 12 noon to 5:00 PM.

While local artisans might not have the answer for flooding in basements of Everett homes, our SERVPRO of North Everett / Lake Stevens / Monroe team can help with fast extraction, cleaning, and drying. Give us a call today at (360) 243-8313.

The Creative Blue-Collar City of Everett

11/14/2020 (Permalink)

Everett, WA skyline Call the experts at SERVPRO when your property is damaged!

A Focus on the Arts has Helped to Diversify the Everett Area from its Industrious Past.

As a hub on the railway, Everett has always held its own as one of the industrious cities in Washington and respective territories. Being positioned on the Snohomish River against the Possession Sound, the trade and maritime industry was always booming as ports would bring travelers, workers, and new cultures. In modern times, the once prominent lumber industry has taken a backseat to the advancements of flight, and eventually, commercial space travel with one of the primary Boeing aircraft assembly facilities in Everett. In the last decades, Everett has worked to become accommodating for artists and performers as well, providing space and a welcoming atmosphere to hone these crafts.

Attractive to Artists from Bigger Cities
One of the distinct advantages that artists and creative industrialists would discover about Everett is its position against larger cities in the state. Developing your craft in areas like Seattle can be challenging when competing against so many others with the same dreams. Everett provides a fraction of the size of larger municipalities like Spokane and Seattle without compromising on the potential for reaching the right potential customer base.

Even for those looking to continue to present their craft, performing arts, or creations to the more significant stage in the larger cities, Everett is beneficial for its proximity. The cost of living in the state's major cities is a vastly higher number than the same properties in regions a fraction of the size. With the lower cost of living rate, artists and entrepreneurs can put more of their earned money back into their dreams rather than scraping by with excessive rent and utility costs. There are even incentives to attract artists to the city through the local government.

Schack Art Center
There are two main facilities in Everett that have helped performers and artists to find their place in the city and expose their gifts to a broader audience. One of these locations is the Schack Art Center that has been operating since 2011 as an exhibition space and workshop that can accommodate multiple mediums. During this first year of operation, the center would showcase the works of more than 250 artists and host more than 33,000 visitors.

The building sits among other art and science structures in downtown Everett on Hoyt Avenue. The presence of this art center alone has been a great draw for creative minds to find their way to Everett permanently but also allowed for the Cultural Arts Commission of the city to set aside funding for more programs to help budding artists to take their work to the next level and reach a greater potential audience. Part of this project is any of the 16 street pianos throughout the downtown area that artists can use for free in a public setting during the month of August.

Historic Everett Theater
One of the most iconic structures in the city is the Historic Everett Theatre, located on Colby Avenue. Since the place first opened in 1901, it has hosted many live and pre-recorded performances for thousands of patrons. With a large stage and more than 800 seats, it has been the ideal venue for theater troops of the community, musical groups on tour, improv comedy nights, and even the screenings of films.

While the arts have seen a rapid increase in popularity and positioning in the city in recent years, the decline of Everett's performing arts took its toll on the downtown skyline in the middle of the 1900s. In the 50s, the once-prominent theater district would feature multiple locations, including:

    •    Everett Theater
    •    Granada Theater
    •    Balboa Theater
    •    Roxy Theater

The Everett Theater is the last remaining of these, having been fully restored to its original appearance in 2000 after a fire forced repairs in 1923 and age forced a closure in 1989.

Fairs and Festivals of the City
Along with the influx of the arts and respective programs to promote it throughout the city, Everett's annual fairs and festivals have also become a focal point for officials. Not only does this serve to generate tourism and travel, but it inspires a sense of community with long-standing residents. Apart from traditional city celebrations and festivities for events like Independence Day, there are many events exclusive to Everett. Some of the attractions that you can only experience here include:

    •    A film festival in February
    •    Salty Sea Days in the summer
    •    Hydroplane races
    •    Fresh Paint Art Show
    •    Cruzin' to Colby classic car show
    •    Sorticulture garden festival

Water Removal Solutions for Everett Homes
Extraction has always been one of the vital elements of water restoration, so water extraction from Everett homes must happen as soon as possible when disasters strike. Standing water presents a disadvantage to exposed materials and contents, allowing absorption to begin almost immediately with porous surfaces. Once water and moisture have been absorbed, the saturation can quickly alter these materials' composition and deteriorate their structural integrity.

While many homeowners likely consider extraction efforts to focus most on pooling above the surface, this is only part of the equation. With industry-leading equipment, our SERVPRO professionals can address standing water above threatened flooring and against wall systems and release trapped moisture within these materials. Surface water removal falls to a series of powerful extractors, including submersible pumps, wet vacuums, and light wands.

The removal of trapped water from flooring and wall systems is a combination of extraction tools and intricate drying equipment. Lingering moisture in any of these areas can allow for the continued degradation of the material, but also secondary threats like mold and fungal growth. Some of the tools used in the removal of water from inside materials and contents include:

    •    Positive pressure systems
    •    Floor mat drying systems
    •    Air movers
    •    Plastic sheeting for tents
    •    Weighted extractors

Removing water is critical after a disaster, and our SERVPRO of North Everett / Lake Stevens / Monroe team can help 24/7 when you call (360) 243-8313.

Is it Possible to Dry Wood Floors after Flood Damage in Everett?

10/29/2020 (Permalink)

flooding in property “Like it never even happened.”

Everett Homeowners do not Want to Pay for Replacement Floors after Flood Damage

Everett enjoys a charming location near Possession Sound, and thankfully the weather is a little less extreme than in inland areas. However, the area can still suffer from heavy rain, wind, and storms, causing damage to homes.

If you happen to have a wood floor in your Everett home, flood damage is bad news. Wood floors look fantastic, but they can be costly, and replacing them is more complicated than laying new carpet. Thankfully, a storm does not have to be a death knell for your hardwood floors. SERVPRO is on hand to help restore them.

What does floodwater do to wood floors?
Floodwater is not kind to wood floors. It can:
    •    Soak into the boards and cause them to buckle (curve up) or cup (bend down)
    •    Make the boards warp totally out of shape
    •    Leave boards damp and at risk of fungal growth – mold needs moisture to grow, and it can feed on the wood
    •    Leave behind bacteria or other unsanitary nasties

What can SERVPRO do to save your floor?
Fast action is essential if you want to save your floor. The longer water sits, the more damage it can do. Call us as soon as you can after flood damage – We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Once we arrive, we can:
    •    Use pumps to suction away standing water
    •    Use drying mats for quick and gentle drying
    •    Position air movers and fans to evaporate water from the boards
    •    Place dehumidifiers to reduce humidity

Why are the drying conditions vital?
Wood floors are delicate, and it is essential to dry them carefully. If we dry too slowly or not thoroughly, that increases the risk of rotten wood or fungal growth. If we dry too quickly, the boards might dry out and splinter.

We train our technicians to calculate the ideal drying conditions for your floor and set up equipment accordingly. We also monitor moisture and humidity levels in and around the floor as we work to ensure readings stay stable.

Do not let floodwater ruin your wooden floors. Call SERVPRO of North Everett / Lake Stevens / Monroe at (360) 243-8313.

What Is Included in the Restoration Process in a Home?

10/24/2020 (Permalink)

Two kids playing with a dog on a rug. Let SERVPRO help with the mishaps, so you can return your attention to the more precious items in life.

SERVPRO's Professional Water Damage Restoration Techniques Benefit Homeowners in Everett

Any home is susceptible to water loss and the damage that can result, even the homes in Everett. Structural damage and the obvious destruction of personal property that occurs can seem both overwhelming and irreversible. The only solution is to turn to service professionals with the skills, experience, and resources to clean things up properly and take care of the damage that has been done through the variety of restoration techniques at their disposal.

SERVPRO is your Everett water damage and restoration solution, and we're Faster to Any Size Disaster. Our professional technicians have access to state-of-the-art equipment, and specialized techniques that can bring life back into the damaged property, which you may think is beyond repair. But how is such impressive restoration work done? Here are a few examples of the things covered by technicians during restoration:

  • Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
  • Identification and Elimination of Resulting Mold
  • Determination of the Extent of Damage to Sheetrock and Floorboards, as Well as Sub-Flooring
  • Water Elimination and Drying of Affected Areas

If demolition on any level is needed, our techs will explain such a need and what needs to take place to get things back to normal for you as quickly as possible.

We Use Restoration Methods That Are Safe and Effective

Throughout the entire process, we will be with you, taking care of things in a manner that shows real results. You can also count on the methods used being safe for both your family and your pets, with no risk to your health. The restoration process is essential, but so are you and those you love.

The bottom line is that we can help. Call SERVPRO of North Everett/Lake Stevens/Monroe at (360) 243-8313 to get the professional water damage restoration help you need to make the issue seem "Like it never even happened."