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Show Your Support for Everett Small Businesses This Weekend

11/23/2020 (Permalink)

Everett, WA skyline We look forward to showing our support for Everett Small Businesses!

After the Bustle of Mainly Online Black Friday Shopping, You Have the Opportunity to Partake in a Vital Small Business Saturday here in Everett.

More than ever before, small businesses are trying to stay afloat in the country's pandemic landscape, and events like Small Business Saturday can help keep these businesses in the black. In the Vertical Gardens Northwest, representatives from the Everett Makers Market will conduct an outdoor pop up to promote their wares and products.

If you have not seen many of the retailers and craftworkers of the Everett Makers Market, you can help to support these trades and small businesses with price specials and unique offerings you will not find anywhere else. The pop up will occur on Saturday, November 28th, 2020, at 12 noon to 5:00 PM.

While local artisans might not have the answer for flooding in basements of Everett homes, our SERVPRO of North Everett / Lake Stevens / Monroe team can help with fast extraction, cleaning, and drying. Give us a call today at (360) 243-8313.

The Creative Blue-Collar City of Everett

11/14/2020 (Permalink)

Everett, WA skyline Call the experts at SERVPRO when your property is damaged!

A Focus on the Arts has Helped to Diversify the Everett Area from its Industrious Past.

As a hub on the railway, Everett has always held its own as one of the industrious cities in Washington and respective territories. Being positioned on the Snohomish River against the Possession Sound, the trade and maritime industry was always booming as ports would bring travelers, workers, and new cultures. In modern times, the once prominent lumber industry has taken a backseat to the advancements of flight, and eventually, commercial space travel with one of the primary Boeing aircraft assembly facilities in Everett. In the last decades, Everett has worked to become accommodating for artists and performers as well, providing space and a welcoming atmosphere to hone these crafts.

Attractive to Artists from Bigger Cities
One of the distinct advantages that artists and creative industrialists would discover about Everett is its position against larger cities in the state. Developing your craft in areas like Seattle can be challenging when competing against so many others with the same dreams. Everett provides a fraction of the size of larger municipalities like Spokane and Seattle without compromising on the potential for reaching the right potential customer base.

Even for those looking to continue to present their craft, performing arts, or creations to the more significant stage in the larger cities, Everett is beneficial for its proximity. The cost of living in the state's major cities is a vastly higher number than the same properties in regions a fraction of the size. With the lower cost of living rate, artists and entrepreneurs can put more of their earned money back into their dreams rather than scraping by with excessive rent and utility costs. There are even incentives to attract artists to the city through the local government.

Schack Art Center
There are two main facilities in Everett that have helped performers and artists to find their place in the city and expose their gifts to a broader audience. One of these locations is the Schack Art Center that has been operating since 2011 as an exhibition space and workshop that can accommodate multiple mediums. During this first year of operation, the center would showcase the works of more than 250 artists and host more than 33,000 visitors.

The building sits among other art and science structures in downtown Everett on Hoyt Avenue. The presence of this art center alone has been a great draw for creative minds to find their way to Everett permanently but also allowed for the Cultural Arts Commission of the city to set aside funding for more programs to help budding artists to take their work to the next level and reach a greater potential audience. Part of this project is any of the 16 street pianos throughout the downtown area that artists can use for free in a public setting during the month of August.

Historic Everett Theater
One of the most iconic structures in the city is the Historic Everett Theatre, located on Colby Avenue. Since the place first opened in 1901, it has hosted many live and pre-recorded performances for thousands of patrons. With a large stage and more than 800 seats, it has been the ideal venue for theater troops of the community, musical groups on tour, improv comedy nights, and even the screenings of films.

While the arts have seen a rapid increase in popularity and positioning in the city in recent years, the decline of Everett's performing arts took its toll on the downtown skyline in the middle of the 1900s. In the 50s, the once-prominent theater district would feature multiple locations, including:

    •    Everett Theater
    •    Granada Theater
    •    Balboa Theater
    •    Roxy Theater

The Everett Theater is the last remaining of these, having been fully restored to its original appearance in 2000 after a fire forced repairs in 1923 and age forced a closure in 1989.

Fairs and Festivals of the City
Along with the influx of the arts and respective programs to promote it throughout the city, Everett's annual fairs and festivals have also become a focal point for officials. Not only does this serve to generate tourism and travel, but it inspires a sense of community with long-standing residents. Apart from traditional city celebrations and festivities for events like Independence Day, there are many events exclusive to Everett. Some of the attractions that you can only experience here include:

    •    A film festival in February
    •    Salty Sea Days in the summer
    •    Hydroplane races
    •    Fresh Paint Art Show
    •    Cruzin' to Colby classic car show
    •    Sorticulture garden festival

Water Removal Solutions for Everett Homes
Extraction has always been one of the vital elements of water restoration, so water extraction from Everett homes must happen as soon as possible when disasters strike. Standing water presents a disadvantage to exposed materials and contents, allowing absorption to begin almost immediately with porous surfaces. Once water and moisture have been absorbed, the saturation can quickly alter these materials' composition and deteriorate their structural integrity.

While many homeowners likely consider extraction efforts to focus most on pooling above the surface, this is only part of the equation. With industry-leading equipment, our SERVPRO professionals can address standing water above threatened flooring and against wall systems and release trapped moisture within these materials. Surface water removal falls to a series of powerful extractors, including submersible pumps, wet vacuums, and light wands.

The removal of trapped water from flooring and wall systems is a combination of extraction tools and intricate drying equipment. Lingering moisture in any of these areas can allow for the continued degradation of the material, but also secondary threats like mold and fungal growth. Some of the tools used in the removal of water from inside materials and contents include:

    •    Positive pressure systems
    •    Floor mat drying systems
    •    Air movers
    •    Plastic sheeting for tents
    •    Weighted extractors

Removing water is critical after a disaster, and our SERVPRO of North Everett / Lake Stevens / Monroe team can help 24/7 when you call (360) 243-8313.

Is it Possible to Dry Wood Floors after Flood Damage in Everett?

10/29/2020 (Permalink)

flooding in property “Like it never even happened.”

Everett Homeowners do not Want to Pay for Replacement Floors after Flood Damage

Everett enjoys a charming location near Possession Sound, and thankfully the weather is a little less extreme than in inland areas. However, the area can still suffer from heavy rain, wind, and storms, causing damage to homes.

If you happen to have a wood floor in your Everett home, flood damage is bad news. Wood floors look fantastic, but they can be costly, and replacing them is more complicated than laying new carpet. Thankfully, a storm does not have to be a death knell for your hardwood floors. SERVPRO is on hand to help restore them.

What does floodwater do to wood floors?
Floodwater is not kind to wood floors. It can:
    •    Soak into the boards and cause them to buckle (curve up) or cup (bend down)
    •    Make the boards warp totally out of shape
    •    Leave boards damp and at risk of fungal growth – mold needs moisture to grow, and it can feed on the wood
    •    Leave behind bacteria or other unsanitary nasties

What can SERVPRO do to save your floor?
Fast action is essential if you want to save your floor. The longer water sits, the more damage it can do. Call us as soon as you can after flood damage – We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Once we arrive, we can:
    •    Use pumps to suction away standing water
    •    Use drying mats for quick and gentle drying
    •    Position air movers and fans to evaporate water from the boards
    •    Place dehumidifiers to reduce humidity

Why are the drying conditions vital?
Wood floors are delicate, and it is essential to dry them carefully. If we dry too slowly or not thoroughly, that increases the risk of rotten wood or fungal growth. If we dry too quickly, the boards might dry out and splinter.

We train our technicians to calculate the ideal drying conditions for your floor and set up equipment accordingly. We also monitor moisture and humidity levels in and around the floor as we work to ensure readings stay stable.

Do not let floodwater ruin your wooden floors. Call SERVPRO of North Everett / Lake Stevens / Monroe at (360) 243-8313.

What Is Included in the Restoration Process in a Home?

10/24/2020 (Permalink)

Two kids playing with a dog on a rug. Let SERVPRO help with the mishaps, so you can return your attention to the more precious items in life.

SERVPRO's Professional Water Damage Restoration Techniques Benefit Homeowners in Everett

Any home is susceptible to water loss and the damage that can result, even the homes in Everett. Structural damage and the obvious destruction of personal property that occurs can seem both overwhelming and irreversible. The only solution is to turn to service professionals with the skills, experience, and resources to clean things up properly and take care of the damage that has been done through the variety of restoration techniques at their disposal.

SERVPRO is your Everett water damage and restoration solution, and we're Faster to Any Size Disaster. Our professional technicians have access to state-of-the-art equipment, and specialized techniques that can bring life back into the damaged property, which you may think is beyond repair. But how is such impressive restoration work done? Here are a few examples of the things covered by technicians during restoration:

  • Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
  • Identification and Elimination of Resulting Mold
  • Determination of the Extent of Damage to Sheetrock and Floorboards, as Well as Sub-Flooring
  • Water Elimination and Drying of Affected Areas

If demolition on any level is needed, our techs will explain such a need and what needs to take place to get things back to normal for you as quickly as possible.

We Use Restoration Methods That Are Safe and Effective

Throughout the entire process, we will be with you, taking care of things in a manner that shows real results. You can also count on the methods used being safe for both your family and your pets, with no risk to your health. The restoration process is essential, but so are you and those you love.

The bottom line is that we can help. Call SERVPRO of North Everett/Lake Stevens/Monroe at (360) 243-8313 to get the professional water damage restoration help you need to make the issue seem "Like it never even happened."

What Can Be Done About a Possible Mold Infestation in an Everett Local Studio?

10/18/2020 (Permalink)

big wet spots and black mold on the wall of the domestic house room after heavy rain and lot of water Mold can quickly become an infestation that spreads through your studio. Contact our certified technicians to inspect and remediate.

SERVPRO Are Experts in Mold Remediation and Provide Fast Assistance in Everett

Everett is home to many different types of artistic ventures. From recording studios to local portrait artists, it is a diverse community. In this situation, a local artist found mold in his studio. He was wise to call in SERVPRO for professional mold remediation help immediately to contain the spread. Not only were his blank canvases and other art supplies at risk from mold damage, but his finished pictures on display as well. 

Can SERVPRO Remove All the Mold in the Studio?

If you believe your business needs a mold inspection in Everett, you are probably seeing or smelling signs indicating a problem. Understanding how mold grows and develops is vital to understand mold remediation. 

  • Mold spores are everywhere. These microscopic particles travel through the air and get transported on anything that moves.
  • Mold colonies develop and grow when they have a food source and moisture. 
  • High humidity levels create a perfect growing environment. Buildings should be kept at a humidity level of less than 45%.
  • Water causes mold spores to swell. As they grow, the hyphae attach to the materials. Some grow downward like a root, and others spread across the surface. 
  • Mold and mildew produce a strong, musty odor that is unmistakable.
  • Standing water and moisture must be removed from the impacted area, or the mold can return.

Because of the nature of mold spores, no restoration or cleaning company can remove all mold from a building. The spores are out there, and there is nothing that can be done about it. What can be removed, in many situations, is the mold that has produced on walls, cabinets, and other materials. The environment in which it thrives can also be controlled. 

What Can Cause Mold in Businesses?

Anytime there is moisture, spores can germinate into mold colonies. If you think you have hidden mold consider the following:

  • Have you had HVAC problems?
  • Has there been recent flooding or water damage?
  • Do you notice musty odors?
  • Are there water stains or discoloration on walls or ceilings?
  • Do you have leaky pipes or machinery?

If you have dealt with any of the above, then you may have hidden issues that need dealing with quickly. SERVPRO’s technicians are certified in mold remediation. They can provide a mold inspection and verify whether you have colonies behind walls or other cavities that are not easily visible.

What Type of Material is Impacted?

When mold spreads throughout an Everett building, structural elements and the content can be affected. In this case, an artist’s studio had an outbreak. In a studio such as this, there are hygroscopic materials that mold loves. These porous items absorb water readily, making them fodder for colonies as both a water and food source. Mold can grow on and damage materials such as:

  • Artist materials – canvas, brushes, wood frames, and finished paintings.
  • Drywall
  • Foundations
  • Roofing & gutters
  • Furnishings
  • Linen, clothing such as artist smocks

How Does SERVPRO Perform a Mold Inspection?

Our Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) certified technicians understand the impact mold can have on a business. It can shut you down and also influence your customer base negatively. SERVPRO techs use advanced technology and equipment for mold inspection and remediation. We use infrared cameras to find hidden pockets of moisture that can lead to mold. Digital moisture meters provide the moisture percentage on the material involved. Indoor air quality (IAQ) meters help record air quality metrics that allow technicians to ascertain indoor conditions.

If you have a problem with mold in your commercial space, SERVPRO puts together a mold remediation plan suited to your needs. You might need an Industrial Hygienist (IH) to assist in the process if your business requires it. 

Mold Remediation Process

The process begins with containment using physical barriers, air scrubbers, and HEPA filters to prevent the spores' spread while mitigation is taking place. When it comes to mold removal, either the mold is removed or the contaminated materials get disposed of properly. If the hyphae are deeply embedded, technicians may not be able to clean the surface. Agitative action such as scraping and techniques like soda blasting get used to remove mold.

Dust is a byproduct of mold cleanup as well as settled mold spores. SERVPRO uses vacuums with HEPA filters to clear the dust. Surfaces are wiped down as well. Once the mold is removed, and the studio is clean, the area then is dried. EPA-registered antifungals and antimicrobials get applied to all affected surfaces. In some situations, sealants are applied to surfaces to prevent water absorption and the return of the problem. 

Do not let your creativity and income become stifled because mold takes over your studio. Contact SERVPRO of North Everett / Lake Stevens / Monroe at (360) 243-8313 and let us provide mold inspection and remediation.

Why Does Sheetrock Warp and Buckle After Water Damage in Monroe?

9/26/2020 (Permalink)

Flood in a house with furniture floating Begin the cleanup of flood damage as fast as possible by calling SERVPRO of North Everett / Lake Stevens / Monroe at (360) 243-8313.

SERVPRO techs have advanced water restoration equipment to assist with cleaning up after storm damage in your Monroe home

Water is always trying to enter your home. If there is a damaged seal, a threshold that needs repair, poor drainage, or other potential hazards around your Monroe home, eventually heavy rains can bring a significant amount of damage. Once inside, the water tends to recede rapidly; however, sheetrock in particular fares poorly when exposed to excessive moisture that gets wicked; signs of distress from absorption include:
    •    Buckling or tearing
    •    Visible water spots  
    •    Swelling or warping

Can Sheetrock Get Restored After Flood Damage?
Even a small amount of flood damage in your Monroe home can result in substantial deterioration of your walls and flooring. When water wicks into the sheetrock, there is a short window of time to get dried and remain in place.

Damaged sheetrock has no restoration potential and requires removal. However, to minimize the number of walls or ceilings that need replacement, SERVPRO techs utilize controlled demolition actions known as flood cuts to halt any further damage from the water. The techs use their moisture detection equipment to locate the highest watermark on the building materials and then cut the wall portion off using straight cuts.

When it is time for repairs, rather than undergo the expense for replacing entire walls, carefully measured and cut pieces of sheetrock get installed, and then the seams get covered in a joint compound which gets sanded after drying. After priming and painting, the result is a wall with zero signs of the previous flood damage.

This SERVPRO carries a general contractor license #SERVPES871RD and can provide a myriad of rebuilding services to repair the property post-water damage mitigation. This service saves homeowners from the stress of finding someone to do the repairs after the water damage restoration completes.

Begin the cleanup of flood damage as fast as possible by calling SERVPRO of North Everett / Lake Stevens / Monroe at (360) 243-8313. The techs are available 24/7 to return your home to its pre-flood condition.

How Fast Does the Water Damage Cleanup Need to Start?

9/16/2020 (Permalink)

A green SERVPRO truck. Let SERVPRO show you "WHY" when it comes to your Everett water damage.

SERVPRO techs can tell you, the longer you wait, the more you stand to lose in your Everett home

From the moment water damage happens in your Everett home, from a pipe, from a roof leak or snowmelt, bacteria begins to grow. This situation gets compounded, and the need to start quickly becomes even more significant when the water is from a toilet overflow or gray-water source such as a washing machine malfunctioning. Anything porous this latter type of water seeps or wicks into requires removal even if the deterioration is not too bad as it cannot get returned to a sanitary state and is unhealthy to leave in the home. Signs the water cleanup waited too long include:   

  • Buckled or bent sheetrock  
  • Severely Cupped or crowned hardwood floorboards  
  • Visible mold growth
  • Delamination of tile flooring
  • Warped subfloor

If I am Getting Reconstruction Done After Water Removal, Does the Room Have to Be Rebuilt The Exact Same Way?

After an event that involved water removal in your Everett home, controlled demolition actions may need to happen to dry and spare the property further damage. It is not uncommon for portions of sheetrock to get cut away, carpet, or tile removed to dry the subfloor underneath. Once the work-site is dried and cleaned, it is ready for the needed repairs.  

SERVPRO techs have a general contractor license #SERVPES871RD and can do any of the structural or cosmetic renovations necessary to bring the room to a like-new condition. If it is within the scope of coverage, many homeowners use this as an opportunity to change the color palette in the place and give the entire space a facelift with new paint on the walls and new flooring. 

SERVPRO of North Everett / Lake Stevens / Monroe in (360) 243-8313 knows water removal needs to begin in your home as soon as possible for the best outcome. The trained, certified technicians are available 24/7 and arrive quickly with their advanced extraction and drying equipment.

What Obstacles Exist with Cleaning Fire-Damaged Finished Wood Surfaces in Everett?

9/12/2020 (Permalink)

Consequences of fire Our SERVPRO of North Everett / Lake Stevens / Monroe team can help with a fast response 24/7 by calling (360) 243-8313.

With wood flooring, cabinets, and other elements in Everett homes, fire damage cleaning can be an intricate process to avoid tear-out and reconstruction.

When housefires occur in Everett communities, you can feel overwhelmed by the initial appearance of the property. The burning of fuels like wood can create soot and smoke residues that coat surfaces to appear like irreparable damages and total losses. In truth, there are often many ways to clean and restore these coated surfaces when it is cost-effective and beneficial to do so.

Fire restoration in Everett homes can be complicated by elements like finished wood, despite its advantages of being less porous than untreated options. A finish on the surface can protect these elements from quickly absorbing secondary concerns in the house after a fire, such as pooling water from extinguishment. This lower permeance also reduces how damaged these elements can become when directly exposed to smoke and soot residues coming to rest on the surface. The most commonly affected finished wood fixtures and materials within your house include:

    •    Cabinets
    •    Flooring
    •    Wall Materials
    •    Furniture

What Type of Finish?
Just having finished wood surfaces might seem like enough information for restoration professionals like our SERVPRO team. However, there are often more answers needed to treat the affected materials and prevent tear-out and rebuilding. The types of finish vary considerably between furniture and fixtures of the property but often include several potential options:

    •    Varnish
    •    Polyurethane
    •    Shellac
    •    Paint
    •    Lacquer

Each of these finishes can react differently over varying exposure times to direct fire damage or lingering soot and smoke residues. Cleaning these elements is an essential component of property loss recovery, however, and should begin as soon as mitigation efforts get underway in the house.

What Is the Common Method of Cleaning Residues?
Based on the evaluation of the damages conducted by our competent project manager after the property is cleared to enter from first responders, we can determine the best approach for removing soot residues from finished wood. Wet and dry smoke concerns can often clean up differently than more stubborn grease-based protein residues that might impact finished wood cabinets in a kitchen area. Typically, the cleaning of light or moderately damaged wood surfaces involves:

    •    Wet Cleaning – The application of water-based solvents, detergents, and wet sponging the damaged areas can often be a practical choice for residue removal.
    •    Agitation – Light agitation like scrubbing on finished wood can be beneficial to ensure that any grain markings get cleaned. We can remove loose soils from the surface before wet cleaning with dry vacuuming.
    •    Soft Cleansers – General surface cleaners are often all that is necessary for removing soils from finished wood unless the concentration of these residues is severe.

What Steps Are Needed for Heavier Smoke Damages?
Ultimately, there are often always surfaces that become heavily impacted by circulating soot and smoke particles. Thick and challenging residues require focused attention and products to resolve. During the mitigation phases, where other surface cleaning actions are taking place, we can work on the multiple-phase cleaning of heavily soiled structural elements and contents. Individual items can benefit from restoration at our nearby SERVPRO facility under our experienced cleaning technicians' eye while installed materials require on-site solutions, such as:

    •    Stronger Agitation – Beyond practices like removing heaped soils with vacuuming, more abrasive cleaning techniques might be necessary with steel wool to achieve the desired level of soil removal.
    •    Potent Cleaners – Wood créme cleaners can be a beneficial choice in product for heavier smoke damage.
    •    Stripping – Completely removing the finish on wood surfaces can often be an aggressive technique for removing smoke damage when it is cost-efficient.
    •    Controlled Demolition – In the most extreme cases, when even more direct cleaning methods are not sufficient, our contractors can remove the damaged material or fixture altogether and replace them later.

Does SERVPRO Do Reconstruction?
When controlled demolition occurs, or structural compromise exists from the fire itself, our professionals and contractors can both work to achieve efficient results in repairing and restoring the property. Reconstruction is often a vital element in making fire losses “Like it never even happened.” Building trade professionals on our roster can complete initial temporary construction solutions based on the immediate needs of the property and full-scale build back upon mitigation phases completing.

Fire losses can feel overwhelming for homeowners, especially when you are unsure of what to expect with soot-covered surfaces and finished wood furniture. Our SERVPRO of North Everett / Lake Stevens / Monroe team can help with a fast response 24/7 by calling (360) 243-8313.

My Insurer Recommends to Call a Water Restoration Expert in Everett, Whom Should I Call?

8/27/2020 (Permalink)

Water Damage In an emergency, you need expert assistance to manage the process of returning your home to a preloss condition.

SERVPRO Has Flood Damage Technicians of Certifiable Expertise Available for Residents of Everett.

How do Qualified Water Technicians Deal with Flooding?

When your Everett home becomes saturated with massive quantities of water, your insurer is likely to recommend professional assistance. Getting an accurate estimate for your claim's cost may be difficult until a reduction in water levels in the property. SERVPRO water restoration technicians (WRT) can perform these vital mitigative steps in the immediate aftermath of a flooding incident. Using a combination of industrial pumping equipment and extractors, we can quickly mitigate against flood losses to structure or contents. We can also accurately assess the extent of water contamination in the property, which is essential to planning a secure restoration. Once standing water levels have gone, your property at a reduced risk of structural collapse. We can then scope the park again for potential causes of concern at the start of the drying process.

What is the drying procedure for property flooding?

It can be beneficial to disinfect and clean flood damage in your Everett property before drying begins. By cleaning before drying, we can ensure that grime does not have time to settle into materials causing permanent harm. The drying procedure focuses on reducing the moisture content of documents and bringing down the relative humidity inside the building. Getting rid of moisture is essential to clean up the process because it prevents mold from building up through stages and reduces the risk of water stagnation. With a clean, dry property, our technicians can work toward cleaning, repainting, replacing, and restoring the material damage.

What risks are associated with flooding?

- Raw sewage, non-access to water mains and sewer backup
- Structural collapse from added water weight
- Secondary mold, bacteria and virus growth in the property

In an emergency, you need expert assistance to manage the process of returning your home to a preloss condition. Contact SERVPRO of North Everett / Lake Stevens / Monroe at (360) 243-8313.

Water Restoration Everett Is Water Damage Reversible?

8/11/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicles parked outside of building Each vehicle in our Green Fleet is loaded with restoration equipoment to handle your emergency. Call us today!

SERVPRO Water Restoration Technicians (WRT) Are Experts at Assessing and Salvaging Water-Related Damages to Home and Contents 

What are the signs of water issues? 

Signs of water-related issues in your Everett home may present suddenly or steadily over several weeks and months. Typically, these concerns present themselves visually or in the form of wetness and unpleasant odors. Water issues can occur consistently over weeks or months and may present themselves at a late stage. These can often result from a slow leak or structural deficiency that can go unnoticed by a homeowner. Long-term water exposure does affect the shape, consistency, and integrity of your structure or your contents. Frequently, the appearance of water ensures manifests as noticeable discoloration, warping, and mold or damp spots in some areas of the house. If you suspect that the issue is a symptom of a broader problem, you should reach out to a qualified professional as quickly as possible to limit potential expenses. 

What strategies do we use to assess water damage? 

When calling a water restoration technician to your Everett home, there may be a necessity to investigate behind walls or furniture. Sometimes we can complete this task using non-invasive measuring equipment or temperature-measuring equipment. However, in some situations, it may be necessary to remove sections of the wall and assess the inner cavities. A water leak that drips onto a lower level, for example, may need excavation of the upper floor to find the source of moisture. Our priority is to address the cause of humidity first so that any continuing leaks or heavy rainfall do not undermine restoration. In situations where there is leakage between floors, it is often likely that there is a mold or microbial growth issue within the recesses of your home's structure. Our roster of technicians includes microbial remediation technicians (AMRT) who can assess for potential secondary damages. 

What are the crucial steps in the investigation of water damage? 

  • Locate the source of moisture and prevent it from causing further issues that could be located inside walls or with your general plumbing system
  • Measurement and potential excavation of the affected structure or contents. Necessary in situations where there is evidence of water cavity damage
  • Secondary damage assessment which can include microbial growth- fungi, virus, bacteria 

Can leaks make a home structurally unsound? 

In most scenarios, water issues in Everett present themselves as primarily cosmetic issues. However, in some cases, long-term exposure or massive volume water intrusion, such as in flash flooding, can impact a home's structure. Engineers frequently build residential properties on wooden frames. These frames are often unvarnished and can absorb large amounts of moisture. Without proper ventilation, these frames can expand, causing pressure at jointing or warping and buckling. While it is unlikely that these issues occur in day-to-day water restoration, SERVPRO has close affiliations with the Master Builders Association (MBA) as well as in-house general contractors with demonstrable qualifications in general contracting (OSHA.) If there are structural issues, our team can assist as part of our water restoration services. By avoiding third parties, we ensure that you only deal with one company throughout the restoration procedure. 

How does drying out a property reverse long-term water exposure? 

While water exposure may appear to be irreversible, the reality is that, with many natural materials, it can be possible to return a home to its preloss condition. SERVPRO operates with a restore rather than replace mentality to help keep your claims expenses low. In situations where there is visible warping of floorboards, we can reduce the moisture content by using desiccant dehumidifiers. Establishing a smaller drying zone by putting in place a drying tent, then using air-movers and dehumidifiers, our technicians can return many wooden materials to a natural moisture content balance of twelve percent. These actions can take several months to complete effectively. However, once dry, there is a strong chance that we can restore the items by sanding and refinishing the affected boards. Often, we find that taking time to repair expensive fixtures can lower the cost of your claim. 

What items are suitable for restoration from water damage? 

  • Natural materials like hardwoods, structural framing or furniture which generally respond well to drying procedure and dehumidification
  • Expensive or high-value items which are not cost-efficient to replace and have the necessary material construction to respond well to advanced cleaning or drying methods
  • High-value materials that are semi-porous and respond well to aggressive cleaning methods 

The impact of untreated water issues on your property can be expensive and time-consuming without proper repair. For expert assessment and qualified restoration, contact SERVPRO of North Everett / Lake Stevens / Monroe at (360) 243-8313.