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Approaches Everett Professional's Use Against Severe Water Damage

9/14/2022 (Permalink)

an employee in a SERVPRO van with water damage equipment Our SERVPRO crew arrives to mitigate water damage from residential and commercial properties in Everett.

SERVPRO Unravels Everett Water Restoration Challenges

Water damage can be classified as severe if the level of deterioration is high or if the affected section presents challenges that can interfere with standard restoration procedures. Characteristic conditions that result in such outcomes include extended moisture exposure when water is left stagnating in a building over an extended period. Another alternative is when the affected part of the structure is an assembly of different materials. A professional can help you easily overcome such challenges in your Everett home.

The most critical aspect of addressing Everett water damage is understanding the spread patterns and whether any barriers can interfere with water evacuation. Moisture barriers lengthen the time it takes to complete extraction or create hidden moisture pockets. Both outcomes are not ideal since wastage of resources and development of secondary damages are likely. With the evaluation done by SERVPRO, it is easy to find sound solutions for both issues.

When the wetness affects standard materials, controlling damage requires creating ideal drying conditions on the material's surface. That allows moisture to escape from the materials to the surrounding air, halting further deterioration or reversing the moisture's negative effects on the substance. For instance, swollen wood regains its usual form once the absorbed water is reduced.

Ideal drying conditions include:

  • Sufficient airflow
  • Warm temperature
  • Humidity control

The Challenge of Structural Assemblies

Many sections of a home are made from combinations of different materials known as assemblies. In most cases, these materials have varying physical properties like varying levels of porousness and permeability. Porousness describes the material structure regarding the void spaces present, while permeability is the ease at which moisture passes through a material. In terms of physical properties, materials range from thick layers of solid materials with uniform properties to thin layered ones with varying properties. Typical assemblies include ceilings, staircases, and floors.

Restoring assemblies requires sufficient power to remove the water absorbed into materials, thus halting water damage. Our SERVPRO IICRC-Certified technicians are equipped with enough air movers and dehumidifiers to facilitate drying. The air movers ensure sufficient airflow around the wet areas. Dehumidifiers extract the moisture released into the air, thus sustaining constant drying speeds.

Other properties complicating the restoration of assemblies

  • Vapor barriers
  • Conditioned and unconditioned surfaces
  • Moisture entrapment in concealed areas

The efforts to restore an assembly after water intrusion can fail if there is a vapor barrier that interferes with evaporation. Vapor barriers can be layers of gloss paint, wallpapers, or 4-mil plastic sheets installed behind drywall. If the barrier is not addressed, drying might not be successful regardless of the number of drying equipment used. You can address vapor barriers in different ways, including perforation or disassembling the affected areas.

When an area is conditioned and unconditioned, it is necessary to ensure that the drying processes can work for both. Our SERVPRO technicians incorporate additional steps apart from standard drying equipment when drying unconditioned areas. For instance, we can set up drying chambers to ensure airflow or dehumidification is contained within a specific site such as an attic. When drying walls, we drill vent holes at the base of the wall allowing circulation of warm, dry air in the wall's interior.

SERVPRO of North Everett / Lake Stevens / Monroe works with diligence to counter any challenges related to water damage. Call us at (360) 243 8313. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Challenges Fabrics in Everett Homes Present After Fire Damage

9/14/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO van on a street You can trust that your Everett home is in good hands with the technicians at SERVPRO with the equipment and training to help restore your home.

Better Prepared SERVPRO Eases Everett Fire Restoration

You might be expecting significant physical damage in your Everett home when it is engulfed in a fire. However, when there are limited combustible materials to sustain it, or the firefighting response is rapid enough, the flames can die down before they cause extreme fire damage. However, that does not always save you from significant restoration work. Widespread soiling is likely, and some affected materials like area rugs can be challenging to clean.

Ordinarily, soiling in Everett homes after fire damage arises from smoke residues settling on surfaces. Vertical surfaces such as walls and elevated areas like the ceiling collect most of the deposits as the smoke rises since it is hotter than the surrounding air in the rooms. However, soiling on the floor and other lower sections of the house is also likely. Such soiling may be caused by the people who enter the property during the fire or immediately after it is put out. Foot traffic spreads soot and other residues and sets such materials because people's bodyweight forces them deeper into the fibers of materials. When SERVPRO handles restoration, carpets and rug soiling can be limited through a cautious entry. We also use professional cleaning approaches.

Steps for cleaning area rugs

  • Pre-inspection
  • Pretesting
  • Cleaning

The challenge of cleaning fabrics during fire restoration is often aggravated by misunderstanding all aspects of the problem. The fibers in materials and the soils deposited from combustion vary and can lead to a complicated or straightforward restoration process. Our SERVPRO technicians avoid such headaches by taking steps that provide sufficient information about the loss. Pre-inspection and pretesting help avail the necessary information.

How Pretesting Differs from Pre-Inspection

Pre-inspection helps establish the level of problems affecting the fabric. The issues include those created by the fire and any pre-existing ones. SERVPRO does restoration to a preloss state, so any changes developed before the fire might be beyond the scope of the restoration procedures we implement.

Pre-inspection establishes

  • Level of soiling
  • Color changes
  • Symmetry and wear
  • Insect damage or infestation

Pretesting is equally essential in resolving fire-related problems. Among other things, it helps establish the best cleaning approach. Because most area rugs are patterned or multicolored, they can be permanently damaged by shrinkage, dyes running, staining, and other problems that develop during the cleaning phase.

Pretesting involves simple or advanced processes that help establish the characteristics of the affected fabrics, especially any vulnerabilities. Our SERVPRO IICRC UFT-Certified technicians identify an inconspicuous rug section and apply a small amount of the strongest cleaning product we intend to use during restoration. We then clamp a white towel over the spot. If the agent can cause dye bleeding, color should be transferred to the towel within 15 minutes.

Other crucial tests include shrinkage and chemical tests. These tests offer guidance on the ideal pH levels for cleaning solutions and the safe temperature to use if the cleaning solutions are heated. In most cases, a pH range of 4.5 to 8.5 is ideal. Restorers should also keep the cleaning solution temperature below 150°F. We also take additional precautions, such as asking for a copy of the manufacturer's cleaning directions if you still have it.

SERVPRO of North Everett / Lake Stevens / Monroe takes care of challenging cleaning tasks restoring fire damage "Like it never even happened." You can reach us at (360) 243-8313.

Everett Homeowners Benefit From Clear Information on Mold Damage

9/14/2022 (Permalink)

employee in PPE wearing a mask Our SERVPRO technicians are ready with personal protective equipment and equipment to remediate mold damage in Everett.

SERVPRO Resources Simplify Everett Mold Restoration

It is common to feel apprehensive and even demand immediate answers when you notice signs of mold damage in your house. You may feel that the information you seek, such as whether the contamination is restricted to one area or widespread, is hard to come by, or the professionals you seek help from do not clearly understand the problems you face. SERVPRO can allay any fears regarding the infestation at your Everett home by listening to your concerns and exploring viable remediation procedures.

The approach used by the company handling Everett households with mold damage plays a critical role in determining the level of satisfaction for the affected parties. With any property loss, apportioning the blame or showing a superiority complex to the aggrieved party serves no purpose and only heightens the feeling of dissatisfaction. SERVPRO crews show empathy since we understand it is not your desire to stay in a contaminated house. Also, instead of coming across as superior and know-it-all, we choose to listen and take good notes that can elucidate the genesis of the problem.

Crucial information that helps:

  • History of past water leaks
  • History of structural repairs
  • The state of appliances or fixtures

The primary trigger of any cases involving mold is moisture reaching unwanted house areas. Such moisture can accumulate for various reasons, including structural breaches such as roof leaks or plumbing leaks. Sometimes, negligence is to blame rather than the severity of the leak. For instance, when leaks occur, and no one bothers to check concealed areas such as wall and floor cavities, they can act as moisture reservoirs that sustain the mold colonies that sprout later. Improperly fixed structural areas can fail quickly, creating new moisture sources. Repairs can also interfere with other things, such as the ventilation systems leading the structure to retain humidity. Such background information helps SERVPRO develop the right strategy to fight mold over the long term rather than only resolve immediate contamination.

Feedback on Mold-related Issues

Sometimes you may doubt the solutions suggested by a restorer because of how the information is laid out. Our SERVPRO crews observe ultimate professionalism throughout the process. For instance, on arrival, we let the customer show us the damages and areas of concern while maintaining a neutral demeanor. We reserve opinions on whether materials are salvageable or unsalvageable until we can pretest the damage. 

Categories of mold damage:

  • Visual changes and stains
  • Physical deterioration
  • Soiling
  • Odors

Mold develops on almost all surface types. However, only organic materials deteriorate from such contamination. The only thing you can worry about for inorganic materials is soiling, which cleaning can readily address. Staining is another issue that we can readily handle. Stains primarily affect fabrics such as draperies, carpets, or even clothes and develop because of the different color shades of mold colonies.

Structural areas such as ceilings and walls bear the brunt of mold contamination because they are organic materials. They are assemblies made up of drywall panels, insulation, and structural framing. Mold readily colonizes all these materials leading to significant deterioration. Our SERVPRO technicians carry out controlled demolition removing unsalvageable porous materials. Then we can clean, dry, and seal structural supports to prevent a recurrence.

SERVPRO of North Everett / Lake Stevens / Monroe considers all angles when addressing mold damage to ensure satisfactory outcomes. Call us at (360) 243-8313. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Why Reputable Mold Remediation Companies Are Best in Everett

9/13/2022 (Permalink)

Elephant and tiger cartoon for humidity SERVPRO says controlling RH relative humidity in your Everett home can help prevent mold damage

Trained SERVPRO Technicians Help Everett Residents Address Mold Damage

Nothing is worse than the foul, musty odor we all associate with mold and mildew. Even if you cannot spot visible patches of black mold in your Everett home, increased moisture and the damp must-like odor are two telltale signs of an issue developing. SERVPRO technicians are trained to address the root cause of your mold problem, helping you remedy the issue and clean all surfaces to ensure all people and pets within your home can breathe easily again.

Our multi-level process and proven methods

Did you know that water damage restoration and addressing mold damage in Everett often go hand-in-hand? Whenever microscopic mold spores begin to colonize, there is usually some underlying moisture problem, ceiling leaks, or a slow leak within your pipes. If you recently tried DIY water cleanup, you may have missed hidden moisture that created secondary damage.

How does SERVPRO handle mold damage?

Following safe standards set forth by the IICRC, our certified mold remediation technicians leave no stone unturned. Our methods generally follow the following steps:

  • Containment with poly sheeting and negative air pressure
  • Standing water removal and addressing hidden leaks
  • Work on restoring relative humidity (RH) with dehumidification equipment
  • Careful mold cleanup and removal/replacement of unsalvageable materials
  • Increasing airflow and movement to facilitate drying
  • Application of EPA-registered antibacterial and antimicrobial agents

Why is relative humidity an issue?

The RH in the air dictates moisture held at specific temperatures. When the RH is high, it becomes a breeding ground for mildew and mold. Our crew has all the advanced technology and tools to address RH and achieve our drying goals faster than any DIY method could achieve, if at all.

Get in touch with us at SERVPRO of North Everett / Lake Stevens / Monroe, and we can send out our Green Fleet as soon as possible to restore mold damage. Request help online or call us at (360) 243-8313.

Fire Damage Alters Homes in Everett in Unexpected Ways

8/10/2022 (Permalink)

Damaged By Fire Fire damage? SERVPRO is prepared with restoration equipment and experienced technicians.

What Can Fire Damage in Everett Be Like?

A house fire can happen any time of the year in Everett. Fire damage can leave your home unlivable and many of your items irreparably damaged. Some belongings, though, sit under layers of soot and oils that steadily harden as it becomes adhered to the exterior of your otherwise undamaged belongings. 

SERVPRO technicians use IICRC-approved methods to mitigate fire damage in Everett. These same techniques consistently provide property owners worldwide with the results needed to get their lives back to normal. The calculations, the equipment, and the terminology might all seem strange and complicated. Still, our workers are highly trained and understand how to make it all work for your benefit. 

Here are some facts about our fire damage techniques:

  • We don’t point air movers directly at damp surfaces,
  • Tools range from foamy brushes to sandblasting equipment, and
  • Some methods require more than one attempt, and that’s normal.

It is crucial to the restoration work in your home that you not adjust any of our equipment, including our air movers. These devices should rarely, if ever, point directly at a wall. A direct blast of air would only drive moisture more profound into the material, not out of it. 

Tiny brushes poofed high with soap suds for detailing soot-covered antiques can do a lot of good in the hands of an experienced restorer. Sandblasting equipment removes charred areas on wood and reveals the fresh, undamaged wood underneath. We use ice pellets for this instead of sand, of course. It even removes the foul odor!

Soot continues to break down into smaller pieces that rise into the air on air currents. Odor control becomes an ongoing task, as does removing dusty soot layers from your home. We can use air scrubbers to help ease this task and thermal fogging.

SERVPRO of North Everett / Lake Stevens / Monroe has excellent techniques for this and any other disaster that might affect your residence. Call us at (360) 243-8313.

What is the Right Approach to Fire Damage?

8/10/2022 (Permalink)

Tiny Wood House On Fire You can trust that your home is in good hands with the experienced technicians at SERVPRO. With the tools and skill to help restore your home.

Protect your Everett Home After a Fire by Calling a Professional Fire Restoration Team.

Fire can erupt in your Everett home for many reasons. Whether it was preventable or merely an accident due to aging wires, the resulting damage can be enough to make you worry. Rather than attempt to clean up smoke and soot damage on your own, invite a professional team to assess the accident's scope. Even the smallest fires can leave significant consequences in their wake, and the best way to avoid escalation is to inspect your whole home thoroughly.

Homeowners in Everett can face fire damage restoration with the help of our SERVPRO crew. Our team is certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) as fire restoration technicians. We apply our knowledge for your benefit. Simple solutions are not enough to erase fire damage. Instead, understanding the theory of fire and the suitability of cleaning techniques and solutions are a sound foundation for addressing your needs. Our team brings the most advanced methods and equipment to your home shortly after you place a call to our 24/7 hotline.

What Should People Look For in a Successful Fire Restoration?

Many variables affect the restoration process, and our SERVPRO team is ready to evaluate them. The relative humidity of your home, the cause for ignition, and the path of the smoke through your ventilation system help dictate our steps as we clean. Some other aspects we consider also include:

The finish of the surfaces we clean- untreated wood absorbs water and soot more readily, whereas varnish could protect surfaces like floors and furniture.

Permeability- water can settle into natural materials and make a suitable environment for mold to grow. Anti-microbial solutions can help clean now to avoid problems in the future.

Deodorizing- the smell of smoke may need to be counteracted with odor pellets, ozone, or foggers, depending on the level of severity and nature of the fuel that ignited.

SERVPRO of North Everett / Monroe/ Lake Stevens is at your service when disaster strikes. Contact us at (360) 243-8313 and let us leave your home "Like it never even happened."

My Insurer Recommends to Call a Water Restoration Expert in Everett, Whom Should I Call?

8/10/2022 (Permalink)

flood Inside home In an emergency, you need expert assistance to manage the process of returning your home to a preloss condition.

SERVPRO Has Flood Damage Technicians of Certifiable Expertise Available for Residents of Everett.

How do Qualified Water Technicians Deal with Flooding?

When your Everett home becomes saturated with a massive quantity of water, your insurer is likely to recommend professional assistance. Getting an accurate estimate for your claim's cost may be difficult until there is a reduction in water levels on the property. SERVPRO water restoration technicians (WRT) can perform these vital mitigating steps in the immediate aftermath of a flooding incident. Using a combination of industrial pumping equipment and extractors, we can quickly mitigate against flood losses to structures or contents. We can also accurately assess the extent of water contamination in the property, which is essential to planning a secure restoration. Once standing water levels have gone, your property is at a reduced risk of structural collapse. We can then scope the park again for potential causes of concern at the start of the drying process.

What is the Drying Procedure for Property Flooding?

It can be beneficial to disinfect and clean flood damage in your Everett property before drying begins. By cleaning before drying, we can ensure that grime does not have time to settle into materials causing permanent harm. The drying procedure focuses on reducing the moisture content of documents and bringing down the relative humidity inside the building. The remaining moisture is essential to clean up the process because it prevents mold from building up through stages and reduces the risk of water stagnation. With a clean, dry property, our technicians can work toward cleaning, repainting, replacing, and restoring the material damage.

What risks are associated with flooding?

  • Raw sewage, non-access to water mains, and sewer backup
  • Structural collapse from added water weight
  • Secondary mold, bacteria, and virus growth in the property

In an emergency, you need expert assistance to manage the process of returning your home to a pre-damaged condition. Contact SERVPRO of North Everett / Lake Stevens / Monroe at (360) 243-8313.

Flooded Basement in Everett? Call SERVPRO for Water Removal and Restoration

7/17/2022 (Permalink)

a flooded basement with items floating around everywhere When you are facing basement flooding, the situation can seem overwhelming. Contact SERVPRO to assess and start the water removal process.

Removing Standing Water from Everett Basements

Standing water can present multiple threats for construction materials and the occupants of your Everett home. When water heaters malfunction due to age or a faulty connection, they can continue to work to resupply the tank without reaching a point where it stops. If you do not quickly notice this problem, the result can be catastrophic in the basement of the house. 

Water removal for Everett homes, especially in subterranean levels, requires the use of premier extraction tools available to our SERVPRO team. While initial sopping can get done by the homeowner before our team arrives, removing the bulk of standing water falls to the capable functionality of our electric submersible pumps. These units can provide a consistent draw of the standing water until the level reaches a manageable 2 inches in depth. 

Electric pumps are the extractor of choice because they have one of the most extended lead hoses for discharging water of any of the water removal tools available to our SERVPRO professionals. On a lower floor like the basement, it can be critical to have this longer available discharge line to avoid compromising the prime of the suction. Additionally, utilizing these electric pumps limits the need for ventilation that would be necessary with the use of engine-driven options we might use in other situations. 

Because we have a team of licensed (#SERVPE871RD) general contractors on our team, we can patch up damaged portions of plumbing and install necessary fixtures to re-pressurize your lines. It is always a priority of our professionals to make losses. “Like it never even happened,” and our capable contractors can ensure that no structural damages require addressing while drying is underway with our centrifugal air movers and refrigerant dehumidification machines. 

Appliance failures can lead to substantial water loss incidents in a brief period. No matter when disasters strike, you can reach our staffed emergency line to get in contact with our experienced SERVPRO of North Everett / Lake Stevens / Monroe team. Contact us whenever you need us at (360) 243-8313.

Storm Damage Recovery In Your Lake Stevens Home

7/17/2022 (Permalink)

a flooded bedroom with furniture floating in the water When storm damage affects your home, the situation can escalate fast. Call SERVPRO to quickly come out and start the water removal process.

Start to Finish Storm Damage Recovery in Lake Stevens

Residents of Lake Stevens, just east of Possession Sound, have or hear stories of severe storms in the area. Wind gusts and rains can wreak havoc with the roof and exterior structure of your home. Once the shell of your dwelling breaches because of shingles and decking ripping off the roof or a tree limb crashing into siding or a window, the inevitable happens. Copious quantities of precipitation pummel your damaged home, pouring in and causing water loss throughout.

Emergency Response

When our emergency crew arrives to scope the storm damage in your Lake Stevens home, the first concern is securing the structure, inside and out. Boarding and tarping up exterior damage ensures that additional rain does not enter your home. We address this as our project manager begins assessing safety concerns inside. Before our technicians can commence water extraction and structural drying, stabilizing floors and evaluating ceilings for hidden water is vital. Our build-back team has exceptional skills in this area. We might need to manage these risks without the help of your residence’s electricity for a time as electric shock hazards are non-negotiable.

Water Extraction

Once the structure stabilizes, the SERVPRO team begins removing the water. We choose among submersible pumps, ideal for water deeper than two inches, and truck-mounted or portable extractors to get the job done. The mounted equipment has a higher capacity and the benefit of an on-board power generator if the lights are still out. Portable extractors allow us to get into tight areas, and limit the aggressive nature of the bigger units where surfaces beneath the water need finesse. We aim to extract all the liquid water possible before moving to the drying phase. Throughout the extraction, our staff captures and contains contaminated floodwaters for lawful disposal.

Structural Drying

SERVPRO Applied Structural Drying (ASD) certified technicians complete a rigorous course of classroom and hands-on work from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). We approach drying scientifically, balancing air movement and temperature to evaporate water trapped in structures so that our carefully curated fleet of dehumidifiers can capture it.


Our general contracting division awaits the chance to repair and rebuild both interior and exterior structures. SERVPRO’s inclusion of a reconstruction option streamlines the restoration of your storm-damaged home, saving time, money, and stress.

Waste no time contacting SERVPRO of North Everett / Lake Stevens / Monroe after a storm damages your home. Our phone at (360) 243-8313 is answered 24/7, and we pledge to respond fast and with the workforce and equipment to get the whole project completed promptly.

If Guests Leave Your Everett B&B with Fire Damage, SERVPRO is Nearby to Help

7/17/2022 (Permalink)

a cigarette smoking over an ashtray Smoke from a fire or even cigarettes can damage the rooms in your business. Call our technicians to assess the situation and formulate an action plan.

Fire Damage Residues in Your Everett Rental Can Affect Ratings

Fire damage, including someone smoking cigarettes, can leave rooms in your Everett B&B smelly and unappealing. Depending on the severity of the charring, soot, or other damage, our mitigation team works with our construction leader to make any restoration work happen as quickly as possible.

Some fire damage to your Everett lodging might only require light work, such as a round of thermal fogging. No matter how severe or minor, we can scale our services to any degree of damage sustained. Some services that your establishment might benefit from include:

  • Soot removal from surfaces,
  • Mitigation of burned materials, and
  • Reconstruction of destroyed sections of your business.

Soot slowly settles on surfaces within a building after something burns or smolders. Because soot types can vary from one area to another in the same building, SERVPRO uses several different cleaning options. We have the experience to make quick and tidy work of the dirtiest messes.

Carpeting or curtains can range from slight discoloration due to soot staining or melting of synthetic fibers that leave sections ruined. We can work with you on mitigating such damage as economically as possible. Bedspreads and quilts can also show damage, so point these items out to us, and we can discuss possible solutions.

Charring of your B&B’s interior can leave wires or plumbing exposed. Our construction professionals can restore these so any returning guests see everything as “Like it never even happened.” Returning to a familiar place can create the sensation of being in a secure retreat. During this work, our mitigation crew ensures they do tear-outs and removals of materials uniformly and precisely. Making straight cuts and marking measurements saves our building crew immense amounts of time, meaning they can finish the entire project much sooner for you.

SERVPRO of North Everett / Lake Stevens / Monroe can be reached by calling us at (360) 243-8313. We help local businesses with fire damage mitigation and other services to keep your business going.