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Everyone has been AMAZING!!!

Great job! Bar looks great and mats are squeaky clean!

Everybody was great!

Everything was handled very nicely.

Very nice to work with.

I manage a condo 4 plex. We had issues with leaking roofs… A roof contractor… confirmed what we suspected, that there were most likely going to be issues with moisture, mold, and potential other issues… I asked for references to deal with mold remediation. He… said he would have [SERVPRO] call me.

A couple of days later I was contacted by Stephanie House. We made an appointment and she... did a thorough investigation of the complex.

Our [insurance] agent…verified that he had worked with Stephanie over several cases. He had high praise for SERVPRO Everett and Stephanie.

Stephanie… was set to be on site the moment the roof started coming off to be there to confirm damage and immediately update and commit to a contractual bid.

The day the roof was opened… both the roof estimator and Stephanie started scouring the entire roof. The sheathing and soffits were severely damaged. They both took pictures and Stephanie sent the photos and observations to her technicians.

After they got off the roof, Stephanie and the contractor both confirmed that although there was severe roof damage, the way the insulation had been installed had protected the insulation... from damage… Stephanie shook my hand and said it was a pleasure meeting us and to remember us if there were any other service they could provide in the future.

Stephanie was always prompt, communicative, worked with roof contractor, thorough in her evaluation (and extremely fair in their estimate), and refreshingly surprising in wanting to do work, but not driving to make a buck.

Thank you SERVPRO! Thank you, Stephanie House. It was indeed a pleasure to meet you and work with you. Halverson Park will indeed keep you in mind if we need your services in the future.

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Excellent service. Dependable and came quickly. Would highly recommend. Very courteous. We are extremely satisfied.

Very friendly and respectful employees!

Your company has been extraordinary from the beginning. Always courteous, professional and super friendly.

Thank You

Great Job